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You’ve got a nice bike.
Easy to Use.

Chain Condom is a bicycle chain cover that attaches in less than a minute and protects your car’s interior and bike’s drive train.

See how simple it is to banish chain stains from your car’s upholstery or anything else you want to keep clean.

It Works.

Chain Condom has been tested by professional bike riders whose bikes travel thousands of miles each year.

See our review in the 2010 Bicycling Magazine Buyer's Guide and check out what our customers are saying.

Have a minute? Then you have all the time you need to protect your car's interior from your greasy drive train. Watch our 44-second video demo!

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Chain Condom bicycle chain cover
But you can’t ride it everywhere. Getting to races or taking your bike on vacation means transporting it. Whether you load your bike inside your car or put it on a rack, protect your investments with the Chain Condom bicycle chain cover.

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