"Just got my Chain Condom and used it for the first time. GREAT product! I travel for my consulting business and bring my bike with me when I can.  I have always used bungee cords and an old towel to protect the back seat of my car from the bike grease (and protect the bike too).  I used Chain Condom for the first time and love it.  Goes on easily – at least ½ the time as my towel wrapping, and protects everything much better.  This product is well thought out with holes and cut outs exactly where needed, and secure closures where they can be most effective.”      Jeff F.

"I drove nine hours across Arizona to get to a race in Colorado. In the Northeastern part of Arizona I was driving through dust storms that not only limited my visibility and made the surrounding mesas look like they were floating, but covered my bike in coat of dust. My bike, which is black, looked brown when I got through. The Chain Condom definitely protected my drive train. Without it, I would have spent at least half an hour cleaning all the dust and grime out of my chain, cogs, crank, and derailleurs from those storms. Thanks a ton! Rubber side down."   Jay, Arizona
Roof rack user Bill B. on protecting his SRM from bad weather:
“On multiple occasions I have traveled at highway speeds for up to 2 hours ... The only issue I have come across is that it moved the magnet of my SRM ... Tightened a screw, and no problemo! Great product!”

"Having finally concluded my exhaustive search for the perfect bike it was only logical to acquire a Chain Condom.  The benefits were 2-fold.  From my standpoint, it seemed crazy to allow all of the Wisconsin road grime to build up on the chain during transportation.  However, and most importantly, if I were to get one spot of grease on the wife's interior, I would risk the bike being promptly returned while I slept.  This minor investment in protection in order to maintain and preserve my bike was an easy decision."     Nick R.
"When traveling, at one time or another, you almost always need to store your valuable bike inside your car even if you have a locking rack or not. You don't want your bike on top of your car in a hotel parking garage unless you want it or parts stolen off it at night. I store my bike inside the car on these occasions and have had my share of chain grease getting on some of my clothes.  When I saw the Chain Condom advertised, I said I have got to have that because for $20.00 or so that is a lot cheaper than getting grease on a $500.00 suit or $100.00 shirt etc. that you can't get clean!  It is also very easy to install. Thanks chaincondom people for this great product!   Jim R.
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