What is the Chain Condom?
It's a simple-to-use bicycle chain and drive train cover that goes on your bike’s drive train in less than a minute. It keeps grease and grime from your bike chain and derailleurs away from stuff you want to keep clean, like your car’s interior.

How do I use it?
Just follow a few simple steps to put the Chain Condom bicycle chain cover on your bike. View the video on our home page, or check out the easy install instructions.

Do I have to take off my pedals?
No. Just position the crank arm next to your front derailleur when you put on the Chain Condom. Pedals stay outside. Check out our install instructions.

Can I use it on a roof or hitch rack?
Yes. Under most normal driving conditions, Chain Condom will stay in place on a rack and help protect your drive train from road grit. But note that the Chain Condom wasn't designed to be completely waterproof, though it will help repel water. See photo below from one of our testers.

Other than keeping my car clean when I travel with my bike, what else can I use it for?
Keep kids' hands away from the greasy chain when you are keeping your bike in your house or apartment.  Eliminate brushing against the greasy chain when you store your bike in small spaces or have to carry it. Keep the inside of your bike bag clean. See what real customers are doing with the Chain Condom in the photos below.

Where can I buy it?
We've just become part of White Lightning's product line as the Chain Johnny, so you'll likely find us at your local bike shop. If your shop doesn't have the Chain Johnny yet, please ask them to order it from their local distributor or from QBP (part #AR8890). It only takes a couple of days for your order to arrive. You can also buy online.

What are some of the ways people are using the Chain Condom?
Click a photo below to see how real customers are using our easy-to-use bicycle chain cover. See real customers' comments and our reviews here. We'd love to see your photo and hear your story! Email us at sales[at]chaincondom[dot]com.

Roof rack user Bill B. on protecting his SRM from bad weather:
“On multiple occasions I have traveled at highway speeds for up to 2 hours ... The only issue I have come across is that it moved the magnet of my SRM ... Tightened a screw, and no problemo! Great product!”
A good shot of a user's clean cargo area. The Chain Condom works with the rear wheel on or off. "I bought the chain condom to protect my bike's drivechain from dog fur! Fantastic! "  Linda S.
“Just got my Chain Condom and used it for the first time. GREAT product!

I travel for my consulting business and bring my bike with me when I can.  I have always used bungee cords and an old towel to protect the back seat of my car from the bike grease (and protect the bike too).  

I used Chain Condom for the first time and love it.  Goes on easily – at least ½ the time as my towel wrapping, and protects everything much better.  This product is well thought out with holes and cut outs exactly where needed, and secure closures where they can be most effective.”

Jeff F.

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The Chain Condom is now part of
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