Chain Condom™ drive train cover is easy to use and takes less than a minute to put on.  It was designed primarily for use with road bikes, but it works with mountain bikes too.  Click here for road bike instructions.  Just follow the 3 simple steps below to put our easy-to-use bicycle chain cover on your mountain bike or triple-chain ring road bike.

Step 1:  Shift your bike into the position that makes it easiest to put on the Chain Condom™.  (If you have a road bike, use the road bike instructions.) 

Step 2:  Open the Chain Condom™ by separating the VELCRO®, and, starting from underneath the chain rings, slide the open cover over both front chain rings.
Just shift the front derailleur so that the chain is on the SMALL ring up front, and shift the rear derailleur into the SMALLEST cog in the rear. Make sure to leave the crank arm positioned next to the front derailleur.  (Your pedals DON’T go inside the Chain Condom™ bicycle drive train cover.)
Step 3:  Continue covering the chain and rear derailleur by pulling the Chain Condom™ cover back toward and then up and over the rear derailleur.  Once you’ve got the Chain Condom™ pulled over the rear derailleur, simply press the VELCRO® together.

If you’re using Chain Condom™ with the rear wheel on, don’t worry about trying to cover the whole cog set.  Just cover the rear derailleur and chain to Protect Your Goodies.™  Here’s how the cover will look in the back:
If you prefer to transport your bike with the rear wheel removed, the cover installs the same way.  Just shift to the small ring up front and smallest cog in the rear, and cover from front to rear.
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Mountain bike ready to install the Chain Condom drive train cover
Opening the Chain Condom drivetrain cover
Installing the Chain Condom bicycle chain cover
Installing the Chain Condom bicycle drive train cover
Installing the Chain Condom bicycle chain cover
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